Delta Farce (2007) Lions Gate Films
1 hr. 30 mins.
Starring: Larry the Cable Guy, Bill Engvall, DJ Qualls, Lisa Lampanelli, Keith David, Danny Trejo, Marisol Nichols
Directed by: CB Harding
This film is rated: PG-13

Delta Farce



Photo: Lions Gate Films

Countrified comedian Larry the Cable Guy brings his brand of redneck ridiculousness to the forefront in the moronic military comedy Delta Farce, a surefire reassurance that war is indeed hell. In fact, Delta Farce is the second cinematic outing for the former Blue Collar Comedy standout’s creative kookiness. Granted that the crass humor is the golden ticket for this harried hillbilly’s “git er done” philosophy.

The problem is that Larry the Cable Guy’s shtick—although a guaranteed laugh-out-loud experience in live arenas below the Mason-Dixon Line—is about as outrageously lumpy as stale cornbread lodged in throat of a hoarse billy goat. We’ve seen countless times before the miniscule mockery that is mistaken for irreverent giggles. Well, Delta Farce is another prime example of ingenuity involving a box of crayons and someone’s desperate idea for quick-witted lunacy. Exhaustively dim-witted, dour and inconceivably detestable, Larry the Cable Guy and his pin-headed posse of hayseed hucksters fail to aspire to the heights of a standard rerun romp in the form of a 30-minute Hogan’s Heroes segment.

So what becomes of a trio of lovable losers when they are called into military duty as “weekend warriors”? Whatever the results are for Larry (Larry the Cable Guy) and his two best buds you can certainly count on the fried chicken-inspired frenzy that’s about to explode. The scenario pretty much defines itself in simplistic mode: Larry and fellow Average Joes Everett (DJ Qualls) and Bill (Bill Engvall) find themselves in a dim existence concerning their ho hum lives. Soon, things will pick up for these numbing knuckleheads when they become National Guard reserves stationed in the heart of “scenic” Chattahoochee, Georgia.

What a fantastic deal as the thick-as-brick threesome get giddy on the dime of Uncle Sam. The open armed response to girls, guns and gallons of beer—what a combination for these clueless clowns. Just think of what an alternative it was to choose military fatigues over domestic disenchantment. Larry had just lost his job and cheating pregnant girlfriend in one major swoop. Bill’s household consists of a wise-cracking, bothersome wife (caustic-tongued comedienne Lisa Lampinelli) and two petulant kids. As for Everett he’s a homeless security guard that has this closeness with a blow-up doll. So naturally the guys are embracing the escapism that is the National Guards as a much-needed reprieve from everyday misery.

In an anemic attempt to take its irreverent pulse from the 80’s madcap military laugher Stripes, the insufferable Delta Farce pits our hackneyed hedonistic heroes up against a no nonsense Sergeant Kilgore (Keith David) in the futile manner of trying to whip these sorry soldiers into fighting shape. With enlistment problems and other astray matters existing in Washington D.C. the country’s fighting force is hard-up for calling ANY men available to do the patriotic honors in Iraq. So the hapless Larry, Bill and Everett are assigned to head into Fallujah as soon as possible.

Naturally, the plane trip results in zany confusion when the mindless trio is stranded in a Mexican desert en route to the legitimate destination in Iraq. Thinking that they have arrived in the battle zone, the clueless guys take to the Mexican village in all the luster of brain-dead jingoistic jerks looking to “bust some heads”. The running gag, of course, is that the local Latinos are interchangeable with the “real enemy” of Arab terrorists. Will Larry and his fearless flunkies realize their dilemma in time to stop the madness that persists in, we mean the little Mexican haven that serves as the perturbing playground? Can our idiotic saviors conquer the daunting control that regional villain Carlos Santana (Danny Trejo)—yes, you heard right...Carlos Santana...are you in stitches now?—has over the vulnerable dusty town? What impression can the boys make over rescuing the vivacious Mexican maiden Maria (Marisol Nichols) over Santana’s riff raff bandits?

Clearly, Delta Farce is all revved up in its inane boastfulness of trying to be too outlandish for the sake of the cheesy moment. Unfortunately, this wretched mess is about as amusing as playing leap frog in the Iraqi minefield. Director CB Harding aimlessly patches together this fettered frivolous farce as if he’s making a salami sandwich in the dark. The smorgasbord of the recycled army jokes concerning flatulence, homophobia, nasty-minded ethnic potshots, accidental bodily fluid consumption and the stand-by hilarity of familiar Southern in-bred ribbing—all are strained and stretched to the loose limit. Sadly, Delta Farce is undisciplined in its simple task of trying to be a weird and wacky vehicle for the real-life struggles of dying casualties on both sides of the opposing fence. Instinctively, this infantile comedy is in poor taste and has about as much flavor as reheated army food being served in a tight foxhole.

This flaccid service comedy is a disservice to those that find gay rape jokes and routine pedophile quips all the rage. The mean-spirited and derogatory name calling and casual reverence for exploiting the newsworthy wartime recklessness that hovers over our contemporary consciousness is quite despicable. Woefully tacky, unfunny and as dumb as a defective handle on Larry the Cable Guy’s muddy pick-up truck, Delta Farce will burn out of our memories sooner than later—hopefully!

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Frank Ochieng


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