The Perfect Storm (2000) Warner Brothers
2 hrs. 17 mins.
Starring: George Clooney, William Fichtner, Mark Wahlberg, and Diane Ladd.
Music by: James Horner.
Directed by: Wolfgang Peterson.

The Perfect Storm



Photo: Warner Brothers

Many Hollywood insiders have stated that in the future movies will star entirely computer-generated characters. I sincerely hope that they are not as boring as this character. The character in question is this tremendous tidal wave that has audiences exhaling for air in the previews. Well I am not one of those audience members. In fact, I am just one of many of Wolfgang Petersen fans who is utterly devastated that he can create such a bland piece of film.

Peterson’s previous efforts include “Air Force One”, “Das Boot” and “In The Line of Fire”. These are all great films. And I was hoping after viewing this film on DVD that it would follow in his tradition of gripping and captivating films. Yet, to my dismay, this film sinks lower than the Titanic.

In my opinion, Petersen must have been offered a ton of money to direct this film based on Sebastian Junger’s novel of the same name. Why did I say he must have been offered a ton of money? Because the script is terrible. Horrible dialogue, no chemistry between any characters, and the respect that the supposed crew is supposed to have for their reckless captain (George Clooney) even if they had none is simply not present on screen. No matter what their opinion is.

Instead, Peterson invests all his time making us care for these shallow characters and the storm that seals their destiny. Furthermore, it is a shame to see all this great talent put to waste. There is definitely a strong supporting cast that is assembled including John C. Reilly (Magnolia, Boogie Nights). But these actors have nothing to sink their teeth into for the to truly display their acting chops.

The movie revolves around a fishing boat cast to sea that is caught around a storm that threatens their life. That is the plot. Secondary plots revolve around the lovers left on shore and their terrifying news of this deadly storm cast over the radio of this ill-fated ship. There are a lot of things wrong with this film. But the most idiotic thing is the plot. How captivating is it to watch a boat full of people struggle for their lives for the last 60 minutes of the film. The first hour and some odd minutes are built developing these characters. Then they go out to see and meet their destiny.

Why did some Hollywood moguls find this ridiculous premise interesting? Because perhaps if they threw in a little star power and some kick-ass special effects, the theatres would be crowded. Well, these moguls are laughing all the way to the bank. With a gross of about 175$ million dollars, this was a profitable film. I am just laughing at the stupidity of this film. Long, slow moving and simply dull are three adjectives that help to describe the film. Even at the most terrifying moments in the film for the characters in the film was I not interested. You cannot be. All the focus is made in building up the storm and the danger of it that somewhere it seemed uninteresting.

Yet, I have a confession to make. First and foremost I skipped this movie at the theatres because it did not seem appealing to me. Secondly, I was simply not interested in the film or it’s plot. How boring can it be? Extremely. I was simply interested in what approach Petersen would put on this film. The result: a horrible touch. Al his classic suspense filled visuals lack, and character depth, well I just don’t care for the characters.

*SPOILER ALERT* Before I leave you, in case you have not seen the film and are interested in watching it – do not read the following. In case you do not want to watch the film, and just want to see how silly it is, Please read the following. The film ends in all the characters dying on the ship due to a sinking of the ship, yet if they all died, who really knows just exactly what the hell happened on the boat before it’s destiny??

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Giancarlo De Lisi


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