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iQuality Content Award

Why one more award?
It is NOT just "another" award. In fact, it is the first prestigious award, which is given away only to web sites with high quality content. By high quality content we mean web sites with interesting and useful information. They might not necessarily be well-designed. The most important element we look at is content/service.

Can I apply?
Except for adult-content web sites, everyone can apply. All you need is a web site in English language with content YOU think is important or interesting to people.
If your site offers Internet based service, you may apply as well.

Why apply?
1. You worked hard on creating your web site. We know that it is hard to keep people coming back if no changes are made. The solution is to renew the power of your site by giving you the appreciation and recognition you deserve. Hopefully, our reputable award can make that change. Once you have the "iQuality" sign on your web site, you may let people know that YOUR site is what people should be looking at.
2. We publish all our winners in the Winner's Catalog on this site, which is well promoted on (Student Media Network).
Getting an award is just another way of getting extra visitors.

How difficult is it to receive the "iQuality" content award?
Not that difficult, believe us. All you need is your web site to offer some interesting content you think is important to people.

Who makes a decision?
A group of hard-working and dedicated Internet professionals and editors.

How long does it take to get the award?
We work fast. Usually it does not take longer than 1-2 days. However, if we have a substantial workload, allow more time for us to make the decision. Your patience and cooperation is appreciated.

iQuality Content Award soon to be a brand for informational quality.

I have more questions!
Well, get an answer fast:

So go ahead. Move your web site to the next level - get the prestigious "iQuality" content status award.

Make your site a nominee by using a small submission form below.

Application Form:
(all fields are required)

Web Site Name


Topic of the Site

Your Name

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Brief description of your site:


Thank you for building quality Net!


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