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Which bicycle is best for me?
By Artashes Toumanov E-Mail the author     Print version of this article

Jack's Bicycle & Fitness web site contributed to this report.
First of all, we all should be agreed that buying a bicycle in a real store is not the same as buying it on the Internet. It is not a book, it is an item you should see or try. Before writing this article, I've visited dozens of web pages, online cycle-stores, producer's websites, etc. And I have to tell you - if I'm about to buy a bicycle I will never do it online, except for bike's accessories (there are a few excellent web stores for that).

Now, when we are ready to go, the best thing to do is to know what bike you would like to purchase.

There are several types of bicycles. Each of them has its benefits and weak point. You would certainly know them if you're a professional, but if you're new to this subject, you should better be aware of what kind of bikes are out there, so you could choose the bike that is best for you.

Mountain Bikes
Mountain bikes are built to tackle almost Any terrain, from smooth rail-trails to aggressive single-track. They include super plush Long travel bikes for the most epic environments.
Lightweight Cross Country Full Suspension bikes, with the ideal mix of plush and speed for climbing, descending and all out racing. Cross County hard-tails for all purpose off road riding and racing. and recreation bikes for trails, wild commutes and all around cycling fun.

Comfort Bikes
Comfort bikes are built for - you guessed it - comfort. Shock absorbing frames, saddles and suspension systems take the edge off roads, paths or rail trails.

Hybrid Bikes
Hybrid bikes are a blend of the best that mountain and road bikes have to offer - Mountain-style comfort and rode-wheel speed . They give you a healthier and comfortable way to go to work, go sightseeing, or just go away (in a good way, of course).

Road Bikes
Speed and comfort. That's what race bikes are all about. In centuries. Triathlons. The Tour de France. Or challenging your personal best on a remote country highway. We've got the high performance, OCLV, Aluminum or Steel frames and components that'll keep you flying.

Touring Bikes
Touring Bikes are designed for cyclists who enjoy spending their days, weeks or months on the open road. These bikes have rugged aluminum and Cro-Moly frames designed to carry the load - and are easy to ride, so you focus less on your panniers and more on how much you're enjoying yourself.

Cruisers Bikes
Cruiser bikes have a retro stylish alternative look compared to today's high tech bikes. They have a grate soft ride with there wide tires, wide seat and wide handlebars. Cruiser bikes are sure to get you where you are going in no hurry.

Freestyle Bikes
Freestyle bikes will go anywhere, do anything. Nothing Scares'em. Moon Shots. Can Cans. Table Tops. A couple of bar spins thrown in for effort. These bikes along with jumping bikes are the toughest and strongest bikes made.

Remember the first time you rode a bike? No training wheels. Mom or Dad holding on to the back of your seat for balance. Then off you went. Nothing keeping you up but your own pedaling. After a brief moment of panic, you experienced the freedom that only comes from the ride.

Have a good shopping!

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